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Piyo Piyo Productions presents: Dragon Fist 9/12/17 A note about old PPP torrents: The collapse of has led to a hydra-like proliferation of anime trackers, including at least three different Nyaa successors. Of these, I upload to and Both sites have removed my old torrents, but block me from reuploading. As such, until the admins of these sites get their heads out of their asses, I recommed acquiring my older releases from,, or I have not remade all of my old torrents yet, but I’ve remade most of them. Project notes: I don’t have a ton to say about this – it has interesting character designs, and that’s about it. It comes and goes, leaving little impression. But Orphan subbed this from a VHS source, so this LD rip is an upgrade to that (hopefully), though the picutre quality on this one isn’t great. Unfiltered high-bitrate DVD included for archival purposes.