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Game and mods: Installation: - Extract Update v1.3.5 + and run Setup.exe in the Update folder, select the option to copy the crack when installing the v1.3.5 update otherwise the DLC will not work If the installer does not run download VBCRedist_AIO_x86_x64.exe from here:!SpQgkAII!07wjhxEh89CUQlTV8oXPyg And execute it. If you like the game, buy it on [GOG]( or [Steam](, support future releases. v1.3.5: Text improvements Fix reference to console version in some tutorial text. Fix book text layout in a few chapters. More text fixes throughout the game. Bug fixes Fix crash issue on some configurations in a chapter 5 cutscene. (might also affect other locations) Fix intermittent crash issue on some systems related to an XAudio dll reference counting bug. Graphics improvements Generate correct mip-maps and rebuild map assets for Bareahard. (fixes flickering of many ground and object textures) v1.3: Changes Reduced key repeat delay slightly (across all framerates) based on feedback. (it is now the same as it was at 60 FPS in the initial release) Text improvements Over 900 text changes (most fixing minor issues, such as punctuation and line breaks, but also some style improvements). Fix misplaced voice clips, and add voices to a few more scenes. Bug fixes Fix crash issue in specific circumstances. (being offline, with GoG galaxy installed, but playing the Steam version) Fix graphical issues with some types of blur effects at aspect ratios larger than 16:9. (e.g. 21:9) User-defined keyboard/mouse button mapping of the zoom in / zoom out functionality now works correctly. Fixed out-of-screen textbox in a Chapter 6 cutscene New Features: Japanese translation for launcher added. v1.2.1: Bug fixes Fix unlocking of "Cold Steel Conqueror" achievement. (Note: should retroactively unlock as soon as you start the game if you fulfill the prerequisites) Fix potential crash in specific combination of circumstances (when offline). Fix MSAA depth sampling API compliance. Fix repeated keypresses at high (unlocked) framerates. Input should now behave as expected up to at least 250 FPS. Fix some minor text/linebreak issues (more to come!). Fix one potential cause for sporadic crashes on some systems. [Japanese version] Fix button prompt setting not applying to Japanese version (all prompts should now be correct, but the explanatory notes are not yet handled) Optimization Improved the performance of the Depth of Field implementation, especially with MSAA. (basic DoF should be improved by around 10% with 4xMSAA, high quality DoF should be improved by up to a factor of 3) New Features: Added Autosaves. The autosave interval can be configured in the launcher. Added "Ultra" shadow resolution option between "High" and "Absurd". Added a "Quit Game" option to the main menu (though why would you want to quit? ;)