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KiraKira☆Precure à la Mode second ending single from the limited edition release (MJSS-09203), the single also contains the insert song from episode 17. Scans and videos from the DVD are included. Regarding the videos - on a whim I did multiple versions, obviously one does not need to download them all if one so chooses. There are versions encoded with both x264 (CRF16) and x265 (CRF18). There are also standard sized (720x480, technically 720x392 as displayed - made using the Clever Anamorphic Encoding option in MeGUI's AVS Script Creator) and upscaled (1072x588) versions. I've never done an upscale and was mostly curious to see how it turned out and was satisfied enough to offer them` as an option. All videos use the AC3 audio taken directly from the disc. Any help seeding is always greatly appreciated.