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Note: Dual Audio is for Episodes 1-31.Episodes 1-12 are FLAC and Episodes 13-31 are AAC,(Episode 13 is AC-3) Box 1 is from [here]( but the audio is from [here]( Sorry,I forgot to make episode 13 FLAC Information of the torrent: Video: Container:MKV Format : AVC/x264 Resolution:1920x1080 Bit depth:10 bits Audio: Format: FLAC and FLAC Audio Track 1: (Default)Japanese 2ch FLAC Audio Track 2 : English 2.1ch FLAC((for eps 1-12) Subtitles Format : ASS Subtitle Track 1: English Dialogue (.ASS) The raws are from [SOFCJ Raws]( The English audio for Episodes 14-31 are from KamiFS The subs are from [here]( If there is any problem please report in the [Discord]( channel My internet is slow so please seed feel free to Request any anime in the discord And Enjoy!