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I took a break from working on the greatest little girl anime of all time, *PriPara*, to sub this OVA from the second greatest – speedily but with love and multiple QC passes. The only things I didn't do were typeset meaningless background signs (like the moving truck's company name and the labels on Sakura's school workbooks) or guess lyrics for when people were talking over the top of the theme song. Oh yeah, and the encode is kind of garbage, but I worked with what was available. This is an adaptation of the last couple of chapters of the original manga, so nothing new as such, except for setting the anime onto the manga canon for the upcoming Clear Card arc anime. Spoiler: best girl still doesn't win the Sakurabowl. jymmy: Timing, TL, TS, song timing, song TL, editing, QC Graze: Some of all the above except for song stuff, including TS for ~3 of the ~5 signs Tactics: Moral support, QC in the broadest sense (e.g. "[line] 357 is pretty janky"; "its probably fine, dont have time to go through it now") Raw from [here](, No patch because >219.8 MB May do a v2 in future with better encode and full song lyrics when available, but more likely not. EDIT: Almost immediately after I posted this, the DVD remux was uploaded. Y'all should probably grab [this release which uses these subs on non-cancer video](