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Here is SmugCat's first release: Nyanko Days! It's been a long time coming, but at last we're ready to go public and release. SmugCat is made up of members who just want to give love to series that never got a complete BD release. The core staff of the group have little (if any) interest in airing anime, which gives us a more flexible schedule for working with BDs. We're also on the lookout for experienced timers and typesetters, so if one of our future projects aligns with your interests, it'd be great to have you contribute your skills! Additionally, if you're a timer/typesetter/encoder who wants to do a certain show but you either A) don't have a group to work with, or B) your group(s) don't want to do the show, come on over to SmugCat! We won't turn down an unloved anime. If you fancy a chat, feel free to join us in our IRC channel.