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Details: Source...........: Mind Game 2004 1080p Blu-ray AVC LPCM 5.1-TAiCHi (thanks) IMDb rating......: 7.9 / 10 (6,266 votes) Director.........: Masaaki Yuasa, Kôji Morimoto Encode Info: Debanded source accordingly, cleaned up the dirty lines and deringed (compare #2 of source/filtered/encode/tron section) (thanks Komic and nonshatter) x264 [info]: frame I:1292 Avg QP: 9.72 size:271083 x264 [info]: frame P:43014 Avg QP:10.52 size:105364 x264 [info]: frame B:104182 Avg QP:10.85 size: 19532 encoded 148488 frames, 2.233 fps, 8944.22 kb/s, 6596.8 MB Source bitrate: 18867 kbps Encode bitrate: 8944 kbps (47.40% of source bitrate)